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As a Suzuki Teacher & Parent I Believe...

that EVERYONE CAN LEARN - we are never too young or too old. We are exactly where we are suppose to be.

in CONSISTENCY - anything of true value in our lives deserves to be a daily habit.

ENVIRONMENT NURTURES GROWTH - fill our surroundings with things that bring us joy and inspiration; music, pictures, books, decor, people, nature, etc.

in REVIEW - always return to what we know well and and can do easily. Grow from the success of these skills.

in COMMUNITY - a place that encourages us and our beliefs.

in SMALL STEPS - plant a seed, nurture it, and watch it grow...

in OBSERVATION - learn from others, from their triumphs, but more importantly their struggles

in CURIOSITY & CREATIVITY - there is so much growth to be found in a flow state of creativity, but only if we seek out what we truly enjoy.

in NATURE & SELF-CARE - before we can take care of others we must take care of ourselves. One of the best ways to do this is to go outside!

in BEING PRESENT - learning to find stillness, calm & peace is essential

Hi! I'm Amy

I am the Suzuki Violin & Early Childhood Education Teacher at Amy's Violin School. I have been teaching private violin and group classes as well as fiddle, theory and early childhood education classes for over 10 years. I live in London, Ontario with my husband and my two daughters.

I have a lifetime's experience working with kids from looking after my own younger siblings, raising my two girls and working with children who have mental and physical disabilities. I spent two years as a support worker with VON Canada as a teenager and have learned a great deal from my little sister with autism.


My interests include anything creative, whether that's learning new instruments, writing, organizing, gardening, and more. I love to read and be outdoors. I care deeply about mental health and self-care as well as early childhood education and parenting. I believe that music and learning an instrument has the power to teach us about life and about ourselves, as well as exercise our brain in a way nothing else can.


I started playing the violin when I was three years old. I was trained through the Suzuki method with local London teacher Sharon Jones and I received my Bachelor of Music from the University of Windsor where I concentrated my studies on music education and the violin. I spent 4 years studying with violinist Lillian Scheirich while in Windsor and with Mel Martin at Western University working on broadening my technique and repertoire further. 

I have a lifetime of performing experience from growing up participating in numerous recitals per year, playing for family and friends and events around the city. I am a past member of fiddle group Haggis Stew formerly known as Sharon Jones and the Canadian Celtic Kids and a past member of the London Youth Orchestra and the Windsor Community Orchestra. I have had the honour of playing as a soloist with Orchestra London as a child and have played at many London and Windsor businesses and weddings as live entertainment. I have a love of both classical and fiddle music and have a wide repertoire of both genres. 

Currently I perform with the group Celtic Shift - Steve Holowitz on piano and Dave Nuttall on whistle. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from and play with such incredible musicians. You can find our album, On One Beautiful Day on Spotify and iTunes.




I am a current member and registered teacher of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. I have completed my 5 year training in Suzuki Early Childhood Education through teacher trainers Dorothy Jones and Sharon Jones along with the SECE Revision Course. I have also studied the Suzuki Violin Books with teacher trainers Kathleen Spring and Paule Barsalou.

I believe very strongly in the continuing education of teachers. We are never done learning. I spend time in the summer attending Suzuki Teacher Training Institutes and workshops to enhance the lessons I provide for my students. I find so much motivation in attending these events and love to try out new ideas each year in hopes of motivating my students and families in new ways.

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