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Small Steps Music

Unfortunately Small Steps Music Class

is currently on HOLD.

Hoping to return early 2025!

What is Small Steps?

Small Steps Music is based on the Suzuki Early Childhood Education Curriculum. This curriculum is devised to educate the whole child along with their musical potential from birth to age 3 (approx.)

Through the use of actions songs, rhymes and literature, this class promotes numeracy, speech and literacy skills, as well as sharing, sensitivity, discipline, fine motor skills, confidence and a strong bond between parent and child.

We are so lucky to have research from the MacMaster Institute for Music and the Mind to support the level of education children receive in a Suzuki based music class:

"Babies who participated in the interactive music classes (Suzuki ECE) showed earlier sensitivity to the pitch structure in music. The non-musical differences between the two groups of babies were even more surprising. Babies from the interactive (Suzuki) classes showed better early communication skills, they smiled more, were easier to soothe, and showed less distress toward unfamiliar things."

7 Suzuki Concepts

Every Child Can Learn

Ability Develops Early

Environment Nurtures Growth

Children Learn from One Another

Success Breeds Success

Parental Involvement is Critical

Encouragement is Essential

Small Steps is not just a music class. It is an opportunity to provide children with fundamental skills they will use in preschool, grade school, instrumental music lessons and essentially life.

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